Saturday, June 30, 2012

Minecraft Username Changable? Mojang wking on system

Hey Fellow Minecrafters,

Everyone of us had that hard choice to pick a username at the beginning when buying Minecraft. That username which you have picked will be stuck with you forever and cannot be changed at all. But what if you gave yourself a name that is just silly or inappropriate? What if you’re tired of the current name you have just because you had to add random letters or numbers because the name you wanted was picked? Well, this means you need to get a new copy of the game and register again to get the username you like.
But maybe not for long anymore?

Jens Bergensten, one developer of Minecraft, hinted that username changes might be a feature in the future. Tobias Mollstam would already look into creating a new system for usernames. Everyone who bought Minecraft would receive a free name change. There might also be a “Username history” where you are able to see the previous names of a player.

How can we Ban, OP and Whitelist people with the new system?

The new Minecraft username system would work like Steam ID’s do. Every account which is premium(bought version) will have an unique ID. Players will not get banned, receive OP or be whitelisted by their name, but by their unique ID. If an account is banned on your server the player can change his name to whatever he wants but the ban will not get lifted/removed since his ID does not change.

You can get a list of all accounts you own via an E-Mail. All accounts you own can be merged with one single E-Mail address and you will receive that list with all the needed information about every account. You mostly use it when you forgot your password.

We will keep you informed if we hear anymore news.

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