Sunday, December 02, 2012



Simply Elegant Texture Pack

Hey Minecraft fans! It's been a while since we posted, but we plan on posting more soon. Anyways, here is Matt's texture pack, Simply Elegant, it is simple. I startedmit from scratch a few months ago and I am updating every update. It supports 1.4.5, the current version. Tell me feedback in the comments below.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We're Going To MineconSE!

Hey guys, Matt here. So recently I heard about something called MineCon se, So I researched it. Minecon is a covention run each year by Mojang. Last year in Las Vegas, this year Paris. Minceon Server Edition is different. You can build your own booth, if you are well known they give you, your own hall and there is even a stage! We're going! We aren't allowed to take pictures though. Our booth is down the hall from the PMC room. It says our site name above the door. You can find lots of cool stuff in it. Look forward to seeing you there!





Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top 10 Minecraft Songs

Hey, AllThingsMinecraft here with a new blog. We are posting the top ten MC parodies, in our opinion.

1. Revenge


2. Minecraft Gangman Style


3. Join Me Stevie


4. Swing My Sword


5. Fallen Kingdom

6. TNT

7. Mineshaft


8. I'm Nooby & I Know It


9. Part Rock Anthem Minecraft



Thanks for reading! We hoped we enoyed our picks!


Friday, August 31, 2012

How To Run A Successfull Minecraft Server | by Matt

Have you been playing minecraft single player for a while and want to play with friends, but want your own custom one with lots of commands, then this tutorial should help!

You will need a server first. You can either buy a host (e.g. ) or host your own. To host your own server you should have a pretty good computer and if you have an extra computer, or its rarely used, use that. For players to connect, you either need to portforward you router or use hamachi, which is a VPN application. Tutorial links will be posted at the bottom of this tutorial. (Remeber this is a tutorial for maintaining a good server not running one)

Plugins You Should Have: Essentials (comes with lots of useful commands like telportation item spawning etc), some kind of spawn plugin (e.g. EssentialsSpawn), a chat plugin (e.g. EssentialsChat, HeroChat etc), some kind of rank plugin (I suggest GroupManager) and an anti grief plugin If you are going to build some big structures or a city, you should get WorldEdit for your server.

Once you have those plugins, log onto your server (if home hosted run it). Next build a spawn, you can use the mighty worldedit or build by hand depending on how big and creative you want the spawn to be. Once that is done, I suggest you make some simple rules in the spawn, once thats done set the spawn. If you don't know the command type into google PLUGIN_NAME commands and replace PLUGIN_NAME with the name. You can build more if you'd like.

After you have built what you wanted, and tell your friends and get other people on, with your rank plugin, look at the ranks, if you like them use them, if you dont, make your own. Once that is done, rank your friends and family to special ranks you like and everybody else will get default. Make sure that you do have some mods making sure nobody is spamming or griefing etc. if you don't want to get a rank plugin, or dont want to have to put the nodes for every plugin for mods or admins. Just op people and don't get a rank plugin.

If you have a big map get no-lagg and if you want more ram, do this, If you use bukkit, edit the .bat file by right clicking and clicking edit, once you have that, find 1024M change that to how much you want (M stands for megabytes). On the internet search gigabytes to megabytes. Then add how much you want. (Make sure you change both, there are two things to change (both say 1024M)


Hamachi or plugin tutorials just google it

GroupManager Commands -

Worldguard Commands/Nodes -

Worldedit commands/Nodes -

Essentails Commands/Nodes -


Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Survive The Survival Games

Step One: Find a good survival games server.

Step Two: Join & Wait till the games start.

Step Three: When The Games Start, If You Think You Can, Sprint to The Chests and grab a few things, be it, a sword or just food.

Step Four: Run Away & Find a Spot to Hide, It Can Just Be The Edge Of The Dome Or If Its V2, You Can Hide In A House.

Step Five: Once You Have Found A Hiding Spot, If Yiu Believe You Seed People's Tags, Sneak by Pressing SHIFT.

Step Six: Once The Blood Bath is Done, Go Out Searching For Chests, & Get Some Resources Like, Swords, Once You Have Done That, Go Out & Find Some People, Next, Fight, If You Do Win, You Will Be Able To Say, You Won The Survival Games, If You Do Die, You Will Know You Were Very Close.


Monday, August 20, 2012


Hey, it's the AllthingsMinecraft crew here, we just checked the stats and wanted to thank everyone who has supported and read the site, we just reached 10,000 views! We are going to post even more soon, its just our summer break, so we're having lots of sun...

AllThingsMinecraft Crew