Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Survive The Survival Games

Step One: Find a good survival games server.

Step Two: Join & Wait till the games start.

Step Three: When The Games Start, If You Think You Can, Sprint to The Chests and grab a few things, be it, a sword or just food.

Step Four: Run Away & Find a Spot to Hide, It Can Just Be The Edge Of The Dome Or If Its V2, You Can Hide In A House.

Step Five: Once You Have Found A Hiding Spot, If Yiu Believe You Seed People's Tags, Sneak by Pressing SHIFT.

Step Six: Once The Blood Bath is Done, Go Out Searching For Chests, & Get Some Resources Like, Swords, Once You Have Done That, Go Out & Find Some People, Next, Fight, If You Do Win, You Will Be Able To Say, You Won The Survival Games, If You Do Die, You Will Know You Were Very Close.


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