Monday, February 27, 2012

Cool Minecraft Computer Seeds [v1.1]

Seed - createnewworld

   This seed spawns you on a hill where when you start to look around you will find a lake, lots of cool overhangs and also lots of cool caves.

Seed - Rusteh

   This seed spawns you into a dark cave with a small fire, to get out, stay right at the spawn point look up and mine for a bit, then you reach ground level, it is easier to get out of the cave in Creative mode, because of the jump/fly tool. Also there are two chest in the cave, both by the fire. One is right beside the spawn point and one at the other side of the fire. One has Iron, A Saddle and String, the other has some cocoa beans, a bucket and some iron.

Seed - Cow Killing Montage

   This seed spawns you on a field, if you dig right under the spawn point, after a little while you will find an abandonded mine, where when you explore, you will find water, lava and some chests in seperate places.

More computer seeds will be posted throughout the week.

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