Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pocket Edition Caves and Overhanging Cliffs [v0.2.0 alpha]

Seed - 21chicken

  This seed gives you an epic landscape and lots of caves.

Seed - noMe

  This seed give you epic landscape and some caves, not as much as 21chicken though.

Seed -  duwintin7

  This seed gives you a few caves, lots of overhanging cliffs and it is great for building.

Seed - ipod

  This seed gives you few big caves.

Seed - 18bananas

This seed gives you great landscape, caves and some overhanging cliffs.

Seed - Worstseedever

  This seed gives you very cool landscape.

Seed - sewsewsewsew

  This seef gives you tons of awesome landscape.

Seed = -nyan

  This seed makes a giant cave/overhanging cliff.

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